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We worked hard to deliver a great experience and user-friendy interface.

Pless is the easiest way of making payments, not just to your friends but to everyone, with or without internet connection.

SCAN : Open Pless and use your phone's camera to scan a Pless code displayed at the checkout or printed on your bill
PAY : Enter the amount & pay via your associated debit/credit cards or bank accounts
GO : That's it. We decided 2 steps are enough to pay someone. If you think it was too fast maybe you should switch back to cash

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Great features you'll love.


We use SSL certificates and 256-bit encryption to keep all your sensitive information safe. We have also made sure you'll never again need to hand over your credit/debit cards to someone else.


We have kept the UI extremely simple and nimble. You can pay anyone is just three steps and less than 30 seconds.


We are building the fastest payment experience. Very soon paying by cash will start to feel cumbersome.


Ever worried about getting sciatica due to sitting on a heavy wallet? Forget your wallet for good.


Use all your credit/debit cards to pay via Pless. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Rupay. Soon coming with major banks for even faster payments.


We have made it so beautiful that you would not want to pay anyone in any other way.

About Us

“Bhaiyya kisi ATM pe rokna” (Please stop at an ATM) – Did you ever happen to say this to your auto-rickshaw driver?

“Card chalega kya?” (Do you accept Credit/Debit cards?) – Did you ever ask this from your grocer and got a “No” in return?

Did you someday walk half a kilometer on foot to find an ATM because you didn’t have enough cash to catch a bus or an auto?

We did. All three of these. And more. And we realized it’s not a nice experience to walk so long in scorching heat just to find an ATM which is “Out of Service”. So we decided to do something about it and thus was born Pless with just one aim – that you will never need to look for another ATM or worry about cards not being accepted somewhere. In other words, Batua Bhool Jao & P(ay Cash)less.

Who are we, you ask? We are just a bunch of engineers who are passionate about making payments simpler and making cash obsolete. BTW, some of us happen to have graduated from IIT Delhi and University of West Virginia.

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Pless Mobile Technologies Pvt Ltd
C-176, Phase 1, Naraina Ind. Area
New Delhi - 110028


+91  9999753770